TerraCyclic™ Bio Bin – the best solution for all sites needing a way to dispose of sanitary waste.
No matter how many women you have on your staff or visiting your facility, there is a TerraCyclic™ Bio Bin that will suit your needs.

They are small enough to fit in even the tiniest toilet facilities, yet tough enough for large, busy sites. And because they use sealed liners that are easily disposed of, no specialist sanitary bin maintenance crews are needed. Onsite cleaners or, if necessary staff members (men and women) can take care of the units themselves. This is particularly helpful for remote or secure sites.

You will find TerraCyclic™ Bio Bins:

Where people work
• Offices and factories
• Warehouses and showrooms
• Mining and forestry camps
• Health-care and learning institutions

Where people play
• Stores and shopping centres
• Food outlets
• Casinos and theme parks
• Wildlife parks and zoos

Where people stay
• Hotels and resorts
• Camping grounds
• Rest homes and hospitals

Where people are on the move
• Trains, buses and boats
• Airports, bus and train stations
• Motorway service centres
• Public restrooms

And other special areas
• Bio-sensitive and conservation areas
• Prisons, military bases and other security conscious areas
• Where there is fluctuating or occasional use