We have considered the environment in all parts of our system – making TerraCyclic™ Bio Bin the responsible, green choice for Bio Friendly Sanitary Napkin Disposal.

Biodegradeable Additives in cartridges

Our cartridges are made using biodegradable plastic additives that are designed to break down better and faster. Once they are disposed of, they safely biodegrade.

Because they are small, they pack down more easily when they are disposed of.

Special plastics safer for the planet

Our Bio Bins are made using totally biodegradable plastic additives designed by ECM BioFilms Inc. Conventional plastics break down very slowly – taking decades or even centuries.

ECM BioFilms Inc. plastic additives, accelerate this process wherever they are disposed of, so long as other products are biodegrading, (both anaerobically and aerobically). This process happens over a much shorter period of time. The end result of this process is carbon dioxide (aerobic degradation) or carbon dioxide, methane and water (anerobic biodegradation).

Less energy to move and maintain

The compact outer cylinders can be transported in halves, and the inner replacement cartridges are light and small, reducing the environmental impact of transportation. And because the units don’t need cleaning, there is less energy used – reducing emissions. Unlike other systems, no large cleaning trucks or facilities are required.

Carbon Footprint Accreditation

For further information on Carbon Footprint, please refer to the Carbon Footprint

ECM BioFilms Inc.

Refer ECM BioFilms Inc. website for further details about special plastics that
are safer for the planet.